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Frequently Asked Questions

that you might be afraid to ask

We're thrilled that you're considering Crossgate as a place to worship. Our hope is that you're able to connect with a body of believers with whom you can truly experience the fullness and abundance of life that a relationship with Jesus offers. If that church is Crossgate, even better! If you're new to Crossgate, or thinking about checking us out during our weekend worship gatherings, then we've listed a few frequently asked questions that we thought might help you below. We hope to see you soon!

What should I wear if I come to your church​?

We want you to be comfortable and wear what you want. Some enjoy dressing up as they have for years, while others prefer worshiping in jeans and a t-shirt.  Some of the people who speak at our church (like Caleb) actually prefer to wear jeans while they are preaching.  So, the bottom line – wear what you want.    We just want you to be there and enjoy your time with God and us.

What is your worship music like?

We like a mix of everything. We do try to stay up with some of the most current worship songs, but it's not strange for our church to sing an old hymn and a worship song from Hillsong in the same service. 

What if my baby cries during the service?

That would be awesome - we love kids.  Children are a beautiful sight to us because we realize that they are the next generation to carry the baton of Christ forward. However, if it makes you feel better we do have a nursrey that your child could attend during service.

What denomination are you? 

We are a part of the Missionary Church denomination, not to be mistaken for the Missionary Alliance.  We are a part of one of the fastest growing evangelical denominations in the nation.  There are only a handful of Missionary churches in Nebraska but the closer you get to Indiana the more common they are.    We are Christ centered, bible based, and eager to see the nations reached with the gospel.  For more information on our denomination and our beliefs click here.

How long are your services and what are they like?

Our worship service runs from 10:45am-12pm.  Typically our services consist of praise and worship, announcements, prayer, offering, a media element, and a message.  However we have been known to get creative at times and don't always stick to a rigid format.  

If I come to your church are you going to point me out?

Yes, we would love for you to come up front and introduce yourself by doing the chicken dance. Just kidding.  No, we won't point you out.    We know that checking out a church for the first time can be a little intimidating.  We will be excited to have you join us, but we won't embarress you from the front.  However, you may have to look out for Tom.  He is our unpredicatble big hearted wild man.

Will I fall asleep during your service?

We hope not.  Our ministry team knows that churches have a stigma for being very dry and dull.  We try hard to fight that, because we beleive that following Jesus is quite the opposite.  Ultimately we desire our services to be full of truth, encouragement, and life.  We do have some creative and even humorous elements that we throw in at times to keep people engaged.  You never know when the next Duck Dynasty clip will surface in a sermon.  

Can we drink Coffee during the service?

I am not sure, but I do.  

What if I am not perfect can I still come?

If you are not perfect than you should fit in just fine.  Many of us have stories of mistakes, brokeness, addictions, and faliures and that is one of the reasons that we need each other.  There is no greater encouragement than talking to others who have been in your shoes. 

Doesn't "so and so" go to your church?

We hope so, but we still hope that you will join us!  We realize that in small towns everyone seems to know everything about everybody.  And many times not everyone carries the same weight of respect.  There may even be someone at Crossgate that you have a lack of respect for. But lets face it, we are probably a "so and so" to someone else.  We hope that "so and so" does not become a deciding factor for you to join us.  We really want Crossgate to be a place where some of those attitudes can be laid to rest as we worship the Lord together.

Why did you change the name of your church?

We made a name shift because we are in a new season and have a fresh vision.  We wanted a name that directly correlates with our mission.  According to John 10:9,10 Jesus states that he is the gate to salvation and to full life.  We hope that people in our ministry make that discovery as they purse after Christ.

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